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We don't do theory

Our team comes from construction and were Procore customers - some of us even worked at Procore.


We have been where you are and bring our years of experience working with Procore in construction to fast track your success. 

Every tool must serve it's purpose and Procore is no exception. 

We take a simple yet powerful approach:

Obtain the maximum value possible from Procore.


You have made the investment in the best construction management solution in the market.


We are here to unlock it's value. 

Image by Aleks Marinkovic

Our Company

The Team

Our team are selected for their experience in both Procore and construction

Robert Hudman

Managing Director

Robert's passion for solving construction needs with technology strategies is a hallmark of his approach. With extensive experience across a range of areas he is able to deliver business specific solutions that provide true value to his customers. 


  • 15 years in construction

  • 2 Procore implementations in industry

  • 3 years working at Procore

  • Open Level Site Supervisor Licence (QBCC)


Matthew Hickey

Senior Consultant

Matthew is a QBCC licenced, open class builder with extensive experience in construction and operations management. He pairs logic, intuition and best practice to design systems that really work for a business. Paired with honest communication and a hands-on approach, Matthew is able to connect with his customers at every level.



  • 19 years in construction

  • Achieved 30% labour efficiency gain implementing Procore as a customer

  • Extensive ISO and AS/NZS compliance experience

  • Open Level Builders Licence (QBCC)

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