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We come from construction - so we understand the challenges you face.


Through our own journey, we discovered the exceptional power of Procore and our ultimate goal is to help you maximise its value.


Years of working for and with Procore has given us valuable insights into unlocking its full potential in a way that meets your unique requirements and accelerates your success.


Our passion lies in overcoming your challenges by providing you with simple, dynamic solutions that will optimise your projects and elevate your business.


You have made the investment in the best construction management solution in the market. 

We exist to unlock its value.


Our team are selected for their experience in both Procore and construction.


Grace Daf

Procore Consultant

12   Years In Construction

8     Years Using Procore

Read more Grace comes from a long background in construction, working with key Procore clients including Condev and McNab. As an experienced Contract Administration Grace knows how important detail and accuracy is in making sure things go to plan in construction.

Robert Hudman

Managing Director

14   Years In Construction

9      Years Using Procore

Read more Robert's passion for solving construction needs with technology strategies is a hallmark of his approach. With extensive experience across a range of areas he is able to deliver business specific solutions that provide true value to his customers.

Matthew Hickey

Senior Procore Consultant

22   Years In Construction

3      Years Using Procore

Read more Matthew is a licenced open builder with extensive experience in construction and operations management. He uses logic, intuition and best practice to design systems that work for a business. Paired with honest communication and a hands-on approach, Matthew is able to connect with his customers at every level.

Emile Cloete

Procore Consultant

23   Years In Construction

5      Years Using Procore

Read more Emile is a highly experienced digital construction management consultant with a background spanning project, construction, executive and operations management. His global experience includes work on both the developer and builder sides. Emile excels in strategic analysis and digital transformation, using data to drive lean and informed decision-making, allowing solutions to be implemented on all levels.

Hani Agha

Technical Services Specialist

9   Years In Construction

5   Years Using Procore

Read more Hani combines his construction background and programming knowledge to assist clients in harvesting the most out of Procore. Hani used Procore extensively in his career as a construction manager and has built many custom tools that integrate with Procore and allow for process automation and enhanced reporting.

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