Focused delivery

We have created a range of purpose built services designed for both new and existing Procore customers.

Built across five key areas to support you through all stages of your Procore journey. 

We will meet with you to understand your situation and provide the optimum mix of services to achieve your objectives. 

You choose the services to proceed with, scaling Knight Solutions into the business as needed. 

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Our Services



For new Procore customers, or existing customers expanding into new product lines.

Implementation Management

Management of organisational requirements for your Procore Implementation.

Procore Account Configuration

Full configuration of your Procore account to align with industry best practices combined with your business’s specific requirements.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Ensure your Procore account is aligned to real work practices tailored to your business.

Procore Implementation Review

Review of your Procore account at the completion of implementation to ensure full utility before roll out across your company.



Connecting the Procore platform to leading integrations.

Integration Planning & Selection

With over 250 Procore integrations, plus custom integration opportunities, we will work with your company to provide planning and recommendation of the most valuable Procore integrations. 

Integration Implementation Management

Manage the implementation and configuration of your chosen Procore integrations. We will manage the integration vendors for you to fast track time to value. 



Extracting maximum value for existing Procore customers.

Procore Health Check

A comprehensive audit of your Procore account to understand the value you are extracting and how to get more without paying more from the product and its integrations.

Procore Reboot

Rebooting your Procore account to achieve optimum performance using industry best practices combined with your business’s specific requirements.

Procore Best Practice Solutions

Review critical project processes, understand requirements and provide best practice solution with educational materials including visual workflows and custom training videos. 

Procore Custom Report & Dashboards

Custom reports and dashboards inside of Procore aligned to your requirements.



Upskilling staff and supporting requirements to ensure wider adoption and use.

Team Training

Focused training for your construction teams based upon the topics and processes that matter most to your business. 

Procore Champion Coaching

Empower your Procore Champions with advanced knowledge of Procore including management and maintenance of the product. 

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Practical and focused instruction document for your team to apply project processes in Procore for your business.

Training Center Implementation

Implementation, rollout and management of Procore's Training Center to capture your SOPs into a live training platform for your business. 

Custom Training Videos

Produce professional Procore training video package customised specific to your company for your ongoing use.



Providing ongoing support services so you can focus on project delivery.

Project Setup

New or existing projects set up in Procore ready for immediate use on your jobs. 

Account Management & Admin Services

Manage all the aspects related to your Procore account and administration to maintain Procore. 

Procore Templates

Get your Inspection, Meeting, Forms, Action Plans and Correspondence in Procore.

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